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Refund Policy

About Refunds

There could be situations when customers request a refund of the payments made for the products or services purchased or availed on your website or app.

Refund Typesđź”—

Following are the various types of refunds that you can use to refund payments to your customers:

  • Instant Refund
    Amount is refunded almost immediately.
    By issuing instant refunds to your customers, you can provide a better user experience for them. This also helps in improving their reliability and trust in your business.

Handle Refund Chargebackđź”—

For the prevention of chargebacks, chaurasia thermal energy only does source refunds. It means that money is refunded to the payment method that the customer used to make the payment. For example, if a credit card was used to make the payment, the refund is pushed to the same credit card. Similarly, in the case of UPI payments, the refund is pushed to the VPA used while making the payment.