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About us

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About our company / consultancy

CTERPL is able to offer manpower (supply/payroll) services ranging from consultancy and operation   and  maintenance right from the skilled technical and well experienced field working to top level   management .We are also doing the services of manpower contract ,placement ,operation and   maintenance contract as well as man power supplier.

Our Sevices

1.Power Plant Operation & Maintenance .

 2.Power Plant Startup/ Commissionning Services.

 3.Power Plant Traning Activities.

 4.Provision of Expatriate Operation & Maintenance .

 5.Provision of Re Powering & Efficiencies Improvements For Power  plant.

 6.Operation & Maintenance Services For Ancillary Facilites , ie – Waste & Water Treatment.

 7.Maintenance Services For Distribution Systems, Substation And Switch Gear.

 8.Maintenance Services For Industrial Facilities.

 9.Prepration Of Operation & Maintenance Manuals Due Diligence Activities And Plant Studies.

Our Policy

Our Company Not Forced For Registration .Our Consultancy Or Placement   Services Fee Or Registration Fee Will Not Be Refundable In Any Condition   And Not Claimable Or Blamable  As Well As We Are Not Bounded Or   Responsible  For  Yours Registration Fee Losses As Well As Time Duration  Or any  Other Conditions As Well As Any Other Committments.Registration   Fee Is Only  Charges Of Updation & Modification Of Yours CV’S.