Project & Commissioning Professionnals Hiring For Power / Cement / Refinery / Fertilizer / Aluminimum & Chemical Plant

S.noPositioncurrent vacencyTotal vacencyRegistration fees pay
1.Commissionin EngineerApply NowPay Now
2.Mechanical Engineer – Static EquipmentApply Now Pay Now
3.Mechanical engineer – Rotating Equipment / PackageApply Now Pay Now
4.Boiler Commissioning Engineer / Sr Engineer/ InchargeApply Now Pay Now
5.TurbineCommissioning Engineer / InchargeApply Now Pay Now
6.Electrical EngineerApply Now Pay Now
7.Instrument EngineerApply Now Pay Now
8.Commissioning Operators- Mechanical RotatingApply Now Pay Now
9.Commissioing Operators – ElectricalApply Now Pay Now
10.Commissioning Operators – InstrumentApply Now Pay Now
11.Project Engineer- Mechanical RotatingApply Now Pay Now
12.Project Engineer- Mechanical RotatingApply Now Pay Now
13.Project Engineer – ElectrialApply Now Pay Now
14.Project Engineer – Switch YardApply Now Pay Now
15.Project Engineer – InstrumentApply Now Pay Now
16.Commissioning Engineer – DCSApply Now Pay Now
17.Project Engineer – Instrument DCSApply Now Pay Now
18.Commissioning Engineer – PLC/ ScadaApply Now Pay Now
19.Project Manager / Incharge – Mechanical / Electrical/ InstrumentApply Now Pay Now
21.Project Head – Mechanical RotatingApply Now Pay Now
22.Civil EngineerApply Now Pay Now
23.Civil Site InchargeApply Now Pay Now
24.Civil SupervisorApply Now Pay Now
25.Commissioning Engineer- ChemicalApply Now Pay Now
26.Commissioning Operator – ChemicalApply Now Pay Now
.27Safety Officer / Incharge/ Manager – For Commissioning Of safety EquipmentsApply Now Pay Now

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